Why Craft CBD Matters

If this was a blog about local beer, I probably wouldn’t have to explain that there’s a difference between a small batch product and a mass-produced one.

We’re no strangers to craft here in Minnesota. In recent years, we have seen a massive boom in craft breweries and distilleries throughout our state, but there once was a time when smaller breweries struggled to compete with the mega-brewers’ low prices and high marketing budgets. But as these entrepreneurs began to focus on the quality that comes from local craft, Minnesotans responded and the industry took off. 

Hemp Grown in Minnesota

Just like in the alcohol industry, CBD is already starting to see rapid consolidation by massive corporations with endless marketing budgets – and it changes the quality of the product. 

When we founded Minny Grown, we saw an opportunity to create the next generation of local craft companies throughout the state of Minnesota. Sure, we’re proud Minnesotans, but it’s more than that: We believe Minnesota soil produces superior hemp plants, which allows us to extract premium CBD oil and handcraft the high-quality CBD products. 

Quality matters to us because we got into this business to help people. Our approach to craft CBD allows us to trace our products right back to plant genetics and the field in which it was grown. It’s something that most CBD companies can only dream of — and something hope more CBD users will start to demand. 

Better Oversight Means Better Quality 

As thousands of CBD products spread throughout the country, consumers are starting to demand effective products that are made by companies who share their passion for craft, sustainability, and community. In a time in which large-scale CBD is failing to meet that demand, Minny Grown has gone back to the farm, creating a model of sustainability for all hemp companies to follow. 

Our hyper-local approach to craft CBD offers an alternative solution to the national brands that may lack the synergy and personal touch CBD products require. 

We grow and process our own hemp right here in Minnesota. And we formulate and package our products ourselves, too. That level of oversight from soil to oil means that we can ensure the highest quality at every step. It also means that if you have a question about our process or any of our products, we can provide an answer.  (Sometimes even in person if you visit our retail store in Woodbury!)

We believe craft CBD matters because quality matters. Because our customers matter. And our customers deserve the best.